The grudge

My mothers scream woke me up early on a late September morning of 2012. My brother and I rushed down stairs not knowing what was going on. My mom dialled 911 and told my brother and I to go across the street to my aunts house. We over heard some of the 911 call, “yes my husband” “attempted suicide” “a lot of blood” “cuts on his wrists and 2 large ones on his neck”. We watched the ambulance pull up to our home from my aunts living room window, we watched it drive away from there too. My mom hopped in the car and drove away behind them. My brother and I got sent to school, spending the entire day scared and unknowing.
I still wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of my mothers scream, only now it’s in my head.” I wake up with sweaty palms and a racing heart, forgetting that it’s only a dream. Wondering wether or not my dad is alive.
That day was the most terrifying day of my life. Not knowing if my dad was alive or dead. Not knowing if everything was going to be okay. The terror still haunts my night mares. I am still mad at my mom for not telling us that everything would be okay.