You can keep your shame

So, I’ve been seeing a lot of these “don’t hate your body” pictures/campaigns on the internet and in the comment sections of the pictures there is usually just a shit storm of people saying now that image is shaming either fat or skinny girls, depending on the image. So the images aren’t doing exactly what they are intended, which makes the issue of body image very clear to me. In the current society there is no ideal; you are either always too skinny, too fat, too tall, too short, too fit, too too too…
So here’s me saying fuck it. Fuck you society and your pressure to make everyone fit some image that isn’t even there. I’m done with being unhappy with me and I’m tired or looking in the mirror and thinking, “I should be thinner, my jawline is too square, I wish my eyes were blue not grey.”
I could be as thin as a rail and still not be good enough. I could have huge boobs, a small waist, and ‘child bearing hips’ and sill be wanting. It doesn’t matter what I look like because someone will always find a flaw, something to pick at, make fun of me for. So I’m not going to care anymore. I spent most of my adolescence trying to fit some vague idea if beauty and all it made me was self conscious and miserable. Even now there is a part of me that says “you are not good enough”…
But good enough for what? What is this thing that I’m trying so hard to attain? When I think about it, there’s nothing there. I’m not 5’7” and I have amazing friends. I don’t have DDs and I still have had a great romantic life. I don’t have blue eyes or red hair or a heart shaped face, and my life is perfectly fine. I have I pretty damn awesome life, and it really wouldn’t be any different if I didn’t look this way.
So you can keep your skinny-shaming, fat-shaming, or whatever kind of shame you want to try to impose because I don’t give a damn anymore. I’m going to be happy with me, who I am and the genetic hand I’ve been dealt. I’m going to have bad days but I’m going to have a hell of a lot more good days. I have no one to prove anything to and that thought is liberating. I’m just going to be happy, healthy, and human, because that’s what I am, that’s what you are, and that’s how we should be treating each other.